Why we should preach Christ in every sermon
And here’s a series on the same subject on Ed Stetzer’s blog, starting with Darrell Block on Christ-centered Interpretation.

10 Ways Mental Illness is Stigmatized in the Church
A follow-up on 10 Ways Mental Illness is Stigmatized in our Culture.

Get Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” Free
Matthew Lee Anderson with a new way of selling his own book The End of our Exploring.

How long does a pastor preach?
Only 2% preach a sermon that lasts less than 20 minutes. And only 2% preach a sermon that goes over 55 minutes. The median of all the times reported was 36 minutes.

Everyday Christianity
Anthony Bradley on freeing faith “from the accidental pharisaism of Missional, Radical, Crazy and other Superlatives.”

The Reformation for a new generation
An interview with children’s author, Bill Boekestein.