Pastors need your care
Jason Helopoulos suggests a few ways members of the congregation can care for their pastors. And here he makes a few suggestions for how elders can intentionally care for their pastors.

When Christians fire Christians
Dr Thom Rainer says this is one of the questions he is most asked: “Should we as Christians fire other Christians who work in our organization?”

Mothering through depression and chronic illness
Luma Sims with a moving testimony to the Lord’s grace in tough times.

Pastoral Bullies
Sam Storms with 23 ways pastors might domineer their flocks. (HT: Matt Perman)

Ligonier welcome Dr. Steve Nichols as their new teaching fellow
I am full of admiration for the way Chris Larson and his Ligonier team are managing the transitional years for this important ministry. Steve Nichols is another great addition to the teaching team. And special credit must also go to Dr. Sproul for the humble way he is handing on the baton.

Hobby Lobby wins major victory
Let’s not ignore the good news, even when we’re in the midst of so much discouragement.