Seminary: Studying doesn’t end with classes
Faithful ministers need to be continual students of the Word and of their people.

Why do you write?
R.C. Sproul Jr answers.

The Four Points of Revival
(1) Confess all known sin; (2) Put away all doubtful things and forgive everyone; (3) Obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit; (4) Publicly confess Christ as your Savior.

Courage in the Ordinary
“Everyone wants a revolution. No one wants to do the dishes.”

The Conviction to Lead
Interview with Albert Mohler.

Sin, Not Sins
“Before your friends can appreciate and enjoy grace, they must somehow make the discovery that dwelling inside of them are not a few “sins” that can be tamed through a to-do list, but “sin” which requires something much more radical than taming: forgiving.”