God Gives Us New Eyes To See In Dark Times
Kara Dedert: “The hand of the heavenly Father seemed heavy and hard as I held my son looking calm yet hiding a mass of brain damage behind tufts of fuzzy hair and soft ears.”

6 Benefits of Writing Every Day
“I guarantee that if you write just a few paragraphs every day about your experiences, hopes, memories and feelings and you will immediately begin to experience benefits to your personal growth and potential.”

Why Statistics Don’t Justify Our Prejudice Or Our Profiling
“How do I account for disproportionate rates of crime when it comes to my personal interaction with African-American men?” Thabiti answers a tough question.

How Should We Preach Christ From Every Sermon?
Fred Malone tackles Leviticus 18:5. Good example of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a sermon.

Why Saying “No” Is Key To Your Long-term Success.

She Strengthens Me
Loved this post from Tim Challies. Made me wonder if we are married to the same woman.

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