Daily Pray For Your Wife Challenge
I’m a bit late to this, but even if you don’t follow day by day, Mike Leake’s challenge gives us many varied ways in which to pray for our wives.

Reading for Pastor/Elder Development
Joe Thorn shares the books that he has his trainee pastors/elders read in preparation for their installation.

Law and Gospel-Centered Parenting
“If we’re going to parent well, we must parent as God parents. And God speaks two languages in Scripture. As parents, we dare not stop pursuing fluency in the language of the gospel. But, perhaps, it’s time more of us learn to speak the language of law.”

A New Back-To-School Series
I’m looking forward to this series by Marc Cortez: “It’s August and it’s time to think about going back to school. So I thought it might be a good time to write a few posts on approaching school successfully. The idea is to highlight some key issues, share a few of my own thoughts, and call for suggestions from other students and teachers.”

Grace at Work in Dementia
Dave Jenkins draws six lessons from experiencing his dad’s dementia.

Why Your Church Needs More Variety in Your Sermons
And how to do it.