A Game Plan For Combatting Worry
You can find the previous three parts of this David Powlison series here.

Two for Twenty
Anthony Carter: “Recently someone asked me if I could share with him a couple of principles that have proved most beneficial in marriage these past twenty years.”

Sermons Are Not For Liking
TIm Challies hates the question: “Did you enjoy the sermon?” and suggests a couple of alternatives.

The $40,000 Mistake
Last weekend someone at Logos made a technical mistake that set web prices for dozens of products to zero. Customers purchased $40,000 worth of materials at zero cost. What happened next will surprise you.

Forgiven People Forgive
What a great modern illustration of Luke 7v42-27.

12 Myths About Calvinism
I’d rephrase some of this, but it could be a useful discussion starter with non-Calvinists.