Suffering and the Sovereignty of God
Video interview with my friend R.C. Sproul Jr., a dear brother who has regularly inspired me throughout the painful experience of losing his wife and daughter. And how wonderful that he’s gathered together all the lessons of these years in a new teaching series on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God.

On Being Black and Presbyterian
Beginning to look like R.C. Jr. appreciation day here. A challenging article on how to rid ourselves of racism. R.C.’s solution? “Believe reformed theology!”

The Drunkard’s Morality
“How can Mr. Kerry say this “defies any code of morality” when every day in his own country, with his approval, thousands of unborn children have chemicals used against them?”

Common Flawed Vessels
Paul Tautges encouraged me with this article which highlighted the flaws of each of Jesus’ disciples. “Clearly, we can see that there really was nothing special about these guys. There were no “big guns” in the group. No high-society influencers. No guys showing off “power ties” at their business meetings. They were just ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of people. More than that, they had more flaws than you could shake a stick at. But they had something else—or should I say Someone—who made all the difference.”

6 Ways To Your Teacher’s Heart
PRTS students, please read!

The Brainy Benefits of Being Bilingual
Here’s an encouragement for Greek and Hebrew students.