Not Even a Hint
Kevin DeYoung challenges media habits: “Why is it OK to watch on TV what would be wrong to watch in real life?”

Four Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty
Sinclair Ferguson answers the vital question: “Can Christians eat black pudding?”

The Three Most Amazing Letters in the Bible
It begins with “B” and ends in “T.”

Duck Dynasty’s Cultural Christianity
Thomas Kidd raises a caution about this increasingly popular family show.

Oh Sweet Lorraine and Missing Hope
Tim Challies does a great job here connecting and contrasting two different experiences of marital bereavement.

The Underbelly of Hiring Leaders in the Christian Community.
So, so true.

  • rcjr

    Was remembering the Sinclair article every morning of the past week as black pudding was offered for breakfast each morning I was in Ireland. I didn’t, however, have to wrestle of the morality of the thing, as it had no appeal to me.

    • David Murray

      Yes, RC. I’m also thankful I don’t need to wrestle with that every morning. My stomach has Jewish genes I think.