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The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor and Tony Carter’s Blood Work.

God’s Grace in Menopause
Good for men to read too.

5 Lessons From My Week As A Stay-at-home Dad
Been there too!

Is Jesus Enough for Drug Addicts?
Mez: “The good news of Jesus really is good news today because it changes people so supernaturally it leaves you scratching your head. But, far too many churches have it wrong too. They think that Jesus alone is the answer. They park people with the good news and then fail to deliver the follow up package. Or, they think that only the specialist few can handle the problem of this kind of discipleship. But it must be a community affair. There is no training necessary to live as God intended us to.”

Don’t Let Social Media Destroy Your Marriage
Mike Lee: “Satan has used social media to destroy marriages and families.  Here are a few ways to make sure social media doesn’t destroy your marriage…”

Lessons from a House Flood
Andy Crouch with five lessons from a creek that overflowed into His home.