10 Reasons I’m A Funeral Director
So thankful God gives people such a sense of calling. Here’s another one he wrote about Learning from Michelle Duggar’s Miscarriage.

The Puritan Model for Family Discipleship
Timothy Paul Jones: “Among the Puritan heirs of the Reformation, there was a clear model for family discipleship that could be learned and transferred from one context to another. Brief, daily times of family worship were central to this model; in fact, family worship and order were perceived as primary means for the prospering of true religion in all of life.”

A Pastoral Ministry Grand Slam From Christian Focus
Timothy Raymond recommends four great books from Christian Focus.

Shellfish, Slavery and Same-Sex Marriage
Great post on how not to read the Bible.

99 Cent eBook: Everyday Theology
Aaron Armstrong has published an eBook that re-examines a few common popular ideas and Christian clichés.

How Your Preaching Might Increase Sin In Your Church