What advice would you give to an abused wife?
Phil Monroe: “Sadly, pastors and church leaders have not always dealt well with victims of domestic abuse. One of the reasons for this is that when victims get the courage to speak up, they are often frazzled, emotional, confused, and no longer able to be flexible. In contrast, the offenders are often self-righteous, well defended, logical, and armed with scripture to point out the sin of their victim spouses.”

This is your brain on Facebook
The social affirmation that comes when people like your status updates is addictive, which might help explain why people tend to spend so much time on Facebook.

What Zambia and Russia teach us about Homosexuality and Gay Rights Debate
Thabiti makes some very important points in this post.

The Joy of Praising Others
Interview with Sam Crabtree, author of the excellent book, Practicing Affirmation.

Sexual Immorality and Five Other Reasons People Reject Christianity
People don’t just reject Christianity for intellectual reasons (HT: Alex Chediak).

The Laborers are Few
Hope you are following Tim Challies’ visit to the poorest parts of Scotland where 20 Schemes is doing such vital Gospel work. Here are the two previous posts: A Dispatch From Edinburgh, and What is a Scheme? It’s heartbreaking to see a nation with such a blessed spiritual heritage in such a terrible state.