Growing Up With An Autistic Brother In The 1990′s
“Today approximately one in 88 children are identified as on the autism spectrum. But in 1990, autism was just a blip on the radar. You didn’t hear about support groups, special training for educators, clinical studies. All that a small autistic child had was his family.”

Making Our Home In God’s Land
An extract from Nancy Guthrie’s Son of God.

Pastoral Lessons Learned in Great Tragedy
Lessons from an extra-marital affair, a house-fire, and attempted murder.

Bible Reading Shifts Towards Internet
“Four in ten Bible readers (41%) used the Internet on a computer to read Bible content during the past year, while 29% searched for Bible verses or Bible content on a smart phone or cell phone, 26% listened to an audio version of the Bible, 26% listened to a teaching about the Bible via podcast, and 17% read an electronic version of the Bible on an e-reader such as a Kindle or iPad.”

Google Hangout with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
This Friday at 12pm ET, I’ll be joined by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Ligonier Teaching Fellow and former senior minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C., for a conversation on pastoral ministry, some of the concerns facing the evangelical church, and an update on what ministry looks like for him since his retirement.

Eating, Body Image, and the Gospel
Amie Patrick: “In retrospect, I’m tremendously grateful for my struggles with food and body image because God, in his great mercy, used them to bring me to the end of myself. I was a high-achieving, performance-driven young woman who hadn’t faced many challenges I couldn’t figure out how to overcome in my own strength.”

Why Should You Support 20 Schemes
Here’s an old friend from Scotland telling us why this outreach ministry to the Scottish housing schemes (projects) is worthy of our support.