Losing is good for you
Whether your kid loves Little League or gymnastics, ask the program organizers this: “Which kids get awards?” If the answer is, “Everybody gets a trophy,” find another program.

Ask “What’s strong?” not “What’s wrong?”
“A study of people being videotaped while learning to bowl illustrates this nicely. Half of the group watched videotapes of their spares and strikes while the other half watched videos where they failed to knock all the pins down. When they bowled again later, the group who had watched the positive videos outperformed the other group significantly.”

Adoption Plans
Some of you will remember praying for Martin Alan, the baby son of sermonaudio.com president, Steven Lee. Not only is Martin now doing really well, but the experience has inspired the Lees to adopt a Chinese baby girl with severe heart defects. It’s amazing how God can bring so much good out of so much pain.

Killing Jesus
Well worth reading Tim Challies’ review of a book that’s going to be much talked about in the next few months.

5 Reasons Christians Do Not Visit The Sick And Dying
“One of the most important tasks in a pastor’s ministry is one of the most neglected:  Going to hospitals to care for the sick and dying.  It has practically become a lost art in the younger generations of pastors.  Why is this?  Here are 5 of the most common reasons Christians do not go to hospitals and visit the sick and dying.”

PhD’s In Peril
Scary Infographic.

The Power of Preaching
Paul Wolfe’s testimony is something I hear again and again from those who have gone through great trial. He’s also written a great book, My God Is True, on the lessons he learned while suffering with cancer.