The Perils of Multitasking
“Some of the greatest threats of multitasking are not, like those posed by texting and driving, to life and limb, but to the meaning – of lack thereof – of life itself.”

These Teenage Girls Are Some of the Most Promising Scientists of the Future
Some fantastic finalists at the Google Science Fair. And just in case that inspired you, here’s the $10,000 Technology Degree.

Christians put B&B up for sale after death threats
Another homosexual “victory.”

The Real Navy Yard Scandal
Conservative pundit and former Psychiatric doctor, Charles Krauthammer, reflects on society’s abandonment of the mentally ill. I’m afraid many parts of the church aren’t much better.

Ask RC: What is R2k Theology
“At their worst, however, R2K theology can silence the prophetic voice of the church.  While many R2K advocates would be comfortable with individual Christians speaking to the great moral issues of our day, the church is forbidden to do so. ”

Art, Nakedness, and Redemption
Bill Vandoodewaard: “To reject nudity in art and film is no denial of artistic ability, nor of created beauty. It is a realistic, careful, humble acknowledgment of God’s redemptive work in Christ and His precepts for a grace transformed, holy, happy life in a fallen world.”

Kingdom of Darkness
Doug Page is a Southern Baptist physician who’s given his life to help heal the physical and spiritual wounds of a Central Asian people living in darkness.