Sorry Ladies, You Can’t Even Begin To Have It All
A realistic and refreshing assessment.

The Bizarre Misguided Attempt To Get Rid of Single-Sex Classrooms
The statistics here are remarkable. When I was a kid, I would have hated single-sex schools. Looking back now I can see huge advantages for both genders as long as there are plenty of opportunities to mix outside school. Without that, guys get pretty weird.

Letter From a Millennial who Walked Away
Read to the end for the sting in the tail.

Rosaria Butterfield Enters the Lion’s Den
Time for prayer.

Nutritional Supplements and Mental Disorders
Dr Matthew Stanford: “While there is little to no evidence for the use of most nutritional supplements in mental disorders these three do seem to be helpful.”

Jasmine’s Story
What a wonderful testimony to our life-preserving, life-giving God.