Reformation Art
Reformation Day art sale. 50% off entire catalog.

College’s Identity Crisis
Frank Bruni surveys the ongoing tumult of the college education scene.

Conrad Mbewe’s son, Mwindula, with a tremendously helpful “confession” of envy, together with the “swap clean” remedy.

A Decent Proposal
Dr. Carl Ellis Jr. believes that universal health care is in line with the theistic core values of America, but he also sees the danger of failing to use the market to control prices. “Though I am by no means a healthcare professional, here is my humble proposal to make universal healthcare economically feasible.” It makes more sense than what our brightest and best in Washington have come up with.

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn
Michael Hyatt interviews John Maxwell about his new book.

The Northern Lights in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

  • Jim

    Hi Brother,
    Just a note to say that the article on envy was written by Conrad’s son, Mwindula…good stuff!

    • David Murray

      Thanks Jim. I fixed that.