Why is broadband more expensive in the US?
The most economical package I’ve found so far is $280 per month for cellphone, landline, and broadband internet. I don’t have TV/Cable. A similar package in the UK was about $100 per month.

My husband was supposed to die
“My name is Ami Atkins, and I am a thirty-year-old barren widow. My husband Jonathan died nine months ago. He was also thirty. We had been married two-and-a-half beautiful years. Jon’s death was unexpected, the result of a faulty heart valve.”

Carl Trueman’s Top 10 Quotes on Creeds and Confessions
The best of Trueman from the New England Reformed Fellowship’s Bolton Conference.

Best Commentaries on Proverbs
Also, you don’t want to study Proverbs without reading Dan Phillips’ God’s Wisdom in Proverbs. ANother couple of books I’d always consult are Ray Ortlund’s Commentary on Proverbs and Anthony Salvaggio, A Proverbs-Driven Life (only $1.99 on Kindle).

Zeal Without Knowledge
Bet you didn’t know that R.C Sproul was once involved in the charismatic movement and even spoke in tongues! Who knows where the next R.C. Sproul is at the moment!

The Christian Home: Another Protestant Reformation Blessing
One historian said of dear Katie and Doctor Martin’s marriage, “It is likely that no marriage has done more for establishing and demonstrating to the world the power and beauty of the gospel in a time when so many desperately needed to be rescued from the torments and prison of monasticism, depression, and guilt—all products of a burdensome and corrupted religion that had wreaked havoc upon the Church.”

  • http://philippians314.squarespace.com Kim Shay

    Thanks for the recommendation for Ray Ortlund’s commentary on Proverbs. I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere, and I wondered about it.

    • http://bibchr.blogspot.com Dan Phillips

      Ortlund is very selective and not a word-for-word commentary. Yet as I’ve preached it so far, I’ve found his ideas and angles very helpful more than once.

      Thanks yet again, David.