God’s Pleasure in You
Tony Reinke gives us three categories of God’s delight in His people.

5 Reasons You Should Write in Your Books
Joel Miller: “Here are five reasons I believe defacing an author’s work is warranted.”

How the Scandal of Preaching Will Reach our Postmodern World
“When faced with the challenges of postmodernity, do we really think the solution is to stick some guy in front of the group and let him talk for 30 minutes?  Wouldn’t a video be more effective?  Or at least a dialogue or panel discussion? But, as scandalous as it is, there is something about preaching that is unique and special.  Let us consider what those things are.”

Why do Firstborn Kids do Better in School?
Apparently, “parents focus on disciplining their first children, and then … they give up!”

Study Theology Even If You Don’t Believe In God
“The dwindling role of theology among the liberal arts is a paradigmatic example of dispensing with the baby along with the bathwater.” Interesting argument, but I doubt the kind of courses being suggested would help anyone spiritually.

A New Perspective for Moms
All Moms (and Dads), please watch this and be encouraged. (HT: Ann Voskamp)

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