The Science of Posture
Sitting up straight will make you happier, more confident and less risk-averse.

Brain a Creativity Machine (if you use it right)
For years, neuroscientists looked for a “creativity spot” in the brain. But now they know it’s in lots of places, and certain practices can help make you think more creatively.

Your Smartphone Has Officially Hijacked Your Life
“We are all one-marshmallow OCD narcissists, granted by our devices the magic of comprehensive instant gratification, of self-reinforcing world views, of control over the daily minutia of our fates and fortunes. To not be irrevocably addicted to our smartphones would be senseless.”

Introducing the Psalms
Short but full.

A lesbian lawmaker for religious liberty
Jo Jordan is a Democrat and a lesbian who opposes the Hawaii’s  marriage equality bill as currently written because in her view, it doesn’t protect religious liberty strongly enough. Note the hostile reaction she receives from the LGBT community.

Double Rainbow at Scottish “Veteran’s Day” Memorial Service
This is the island community my wife grew up in, and a few miles from where I pastored for seven wonderful years. Click on over for the double rainbow picture.

Memorial 2