Pretty Woman And Why You Judge Prostitutes
A bit over-stated but still a challenging article.

A New Southern Presbyterianism
Jemar Tisby: “For some people Southern Presbyterianism and racial reconciliation is oxymoronic.  But the elusive reality of diversity and unity in the church just took a significant step forward.”

Why Do Students Drop Out of MOOCs?
“It’s surprising that MOOCs, offering the flexibility and the low price that students purport to want, suffer such low ratings.  Does the drop-out rate indicate a failure of MOOC providers to deliver courses that meet student needs? Or does it point to a finicky free-spirited set of students unwilling to stick with a course? That is, is the problem one of low-quality supply or of noncommittal demand?”(HT: Alex Chediak)

The Difference Between a Decent Class Presentation and a Descent into Purgatory
I’ve been to classroom purgatory a few times.

Five Reasons Not To Give Up On The Marriage Debate
Kevin DeYoung explains why he thinks that traditional marriage could make a comeback.

7 Time Management Tips from Chris Hardwick
I have no idea who this guy is but he’s got some great insights on time management.