Croatians Vote to Ban Gay Marriage
Worth bookmarking Croatia on Google maps as we may all have to live there soon. Now watch as homosexual jackboots from all over the world try to overturn a 65% vote to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Relationship Advice From America’s Longest Married Couple
81 years! Wow!! Lots of wisdom and humor here.

Ann: “Marriage isn’t a lovey-dovey thing, y’know, for 80 years, you learn to accept one another’s way of life…Devote your time to understanding one another, really, that’s the whole thing.

John: “We always hold hands…Well, we just take things as they come, and we’re contented, and we have lovely family to support us…Be content with what you have and what you’re doing…The key is to always agree with your wife.” (I think that’s a joke).

The beautiful picture really sums it all up.

But trust anti-marriage activist (yes, there is such a being) Cathereine Deveny to throw a wet blanket over it all. She doesn’t believe any relationship should involve “hard work.” No wonder she’s never married….and never will.

Why We Hate
Hope you didn’t get whiplash there; from beautiful love to ugly hate in just a few pixels. In this study of the Bosnian genocide, psychologists ask, “Why do humans do such terrible things to each other? What makes us capable of torture, war, and genocide?” This study answers “Evolution!” It’s not a new insight. For years Christians have been arguing for a necessary connection between genocide and a belief in evolution.

The Quest to Turn Computers into Creative Artists
“With the London Symphony Orchestra performing machine-written symphonies, Amazon selling books written by algorithms and film-makers scripting screenplays after conversations with a PC, are computers evolving from being a mere tool into becoming a creative force in their own right? For example, a new experiment by Volkswagen creates music based on a car’s speed, steering and whether it is in the city or countryside.”

It would appear that one of the main drivers of this work is the desire to create a creator. Does that not so clearly reveal the image of God in man? The Creator who created us to create has created us to create creators too.

Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair
Speaking of creativity, a new wireless device has allowed paralyzed people to drive a wheelchair simply by moving their tongues. Can’t help but think how much this imaginative ingenuity in the service of others pleases God.