The Calvinist: A Poem
A theological feast of Christian art for the eye, ear, and heart!

A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture
Free eBook from Ligonier’s Keith Mathison.

Finding Myself in the Song of Songs
I found this original post fascinating and deeply edifying, especially when you take the next step and see the Shulammite as s symbol for every believer.

Thinking Through MultiCultural Church
Ed Stetzer: “Scripture goes to great lengths to point out the diversity around the throne. Thus, it seems only right and perhaps pleasing to God that our churches might be signs of the kingdom of God today in increasing multiculturalism. I am encouraged by the efforts I see, and challenged to move forward in my own life and church as the conference theme suggested,For the Sake of the Gospel.”

How Open Should We Be About Great Evils Like Abortion?
R.C. Sproul Jr. tackels another toughie.

Pilgrim Art
Maureen Mullarkey discusses the puritan view of art (or lack of it!).

  • Homeschool on the Croft

    I’m afraid I cannot fully agree with R.C. on being so open about abortion. To this day I can barely say that word out loud – the horror seems to great to speak the word. Certainly, I feel that speaking the word repeatedly lessens the horror of what it is. I never wish my children (younger ones especially) to hear the word, read it, or think of it without being horrified.

    Some things are just too awful to say again and again and again. This is *not* to say we don’t talk about them – just not constantly. And never without horror … and seldom without tears.

    Just my take on it …

    • Homeschool on the Croft

      I suppose I ought to have said that to R.C. *himself* … not to you, David!

    • Homeschool on the Croft

      *too great …

    • David Murray

      I swither between your view and RC’s on this, Anne. I just don’t don’t know if there’s a right and a wrong here. Depends on the kids maybe.