An Interview on Sex, Dating, and Relationships
Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen so much biblical and practical wisdom in one blog post for a long time.

I love you all the way to China
I can so identify with R.C. Sproul’s travelogue.

New Book of Meditations for Counselors by Diane Langberg
Might be just the thing for the Counselor in your life.

Susan Boyle and Aspergers
Rod Dreher: “I’m sorry for Boyle’s condition, but deeply appreciative of her decision to go public with this diagnosis, both to raise awareness of it and to show what Aspies can achieve. My older son’s diagnosis years ago — he is on the mildest end of the spectrum — came as a huge relief to his parents, who finally knew why he was behaving the way he was behaving. It also makes it a lot easier for us to prepare him for, well, life.”

7 Ways Social Media Makes Pastoring More Difficult
Waiting now for the follow-up post: 7 Ways Social Media Makes Pastoring Easier.

Help The Family of Slain Teacher, Ronnie Smith
If you want to help Ronnie’s family, you can make a donation here or purchase The History of Redemption. All of the proceeds benefit his family.