Learning to be a Grateful Critic
Nick Batzig: “Caring about what happens in the wider church is something that we see played out on the pages of the New Testament; but, the way that people tend to line up on either side of these questions to either uncritically defend or hyper-critically condemn well-known pastors/theologians has become a matter of grave concern to me.”

9 Reasons to Pray
Jason Helopoulos asks “Why pray when God already knows our desires?” Then provides 9 answers.

Seven of the Greatest Stressors on Pastors
Each job has its own unique stressors. Here are seven that afflict most afflict pastors.

Dear Kids: What You Need to Know About Duck Dynasty, Justine Sacco, and Christmas
Ann Voskamp leads us via current controversies about imperfect words to the feet of the perfect Word made flesh.

Top 10 Tricks for Building the Perfect Budget
You might need this after the past few weeks.

Mary’s Model for Mothers
Luma Simms: “For a mom living in an age where definitions of motherhood have become plastic, my radar is up for solid models of godly motherhood. We must not overlook one such model — Mary.”