14 Books to Kick Off 2014
Great way to begin the new year.

Bible Land Blogs
Thanks to Charles Savelle at Bible X for this great tip off. Lots to explore here for anyone interested in the geography of the Bible.

When Nothing Created Everything
Want to start an argument a conversation with your evolutionary friends?

Biblical Manhood and Pursuing Platform
Seeking it for self or using it for the Lord.

Duck Dynasty: Where Will It End?
Key paragraph in Marvin Olasky’s article: “Where does it end? Can’t we make distinctions anymore between someone who wants to beat up homosexuals and someone who (1) affirms what the Bible says, (2) recognizes that gays are also made after God’s image, and (3) notes that all of us, without exception, are sinners? Must we all applaud propaganda? Can’t we oppose bullying attempts from both sides?”

This Year’s Biggest Discoveries in Science
Read through biblical lens, especially #5 which reads more like fiction than fact.