Three Things I’d Like to See in the Christian Blogosphere in 2014
I especially like #2.

Al Martin Website
This developing website provides resources on pastoral ministry from Pastor Al Martin. No one person was more influential on me in my early Christian life and my view of Christian ministry than this dear brother. And in God’s good providence, that blessing has become even closer and richer in recent years.

Actively Engaged in the Abortion Battle
Matt Chandler’s stirring cry to get involved or miss out.”Roe v. Wade started here in Dallas. It would be awesome to see it crushed here in Dallas. Let’s pray.”

When Joy Returned to my Ministry in Rocky New England
“During this rough patch God taught me several lessons, but one piercing question really stuck out: Do I really trust the Word through the Spirit to do the work of ministry? As I pondered this question I slowly recognized that my weariness and discouragement were partly due to trusting things outside God’s Word.”

Evangelicals and Hollywood Muck
Trevin Wax: “ I never subscribed to the fundamentalist vision that saw holiness in terms of cultural retreat or worldliness as anything that smacked of cultural engagement. I don’t subscribe to that position today. But sometimes I wonder if evangelicals have swung the pendulum too far to the other side, to the point where all sorts of entertainment choices are validated in the name of cultural engagement.”

Fighting Porn by F.A.I.T.H.
Gavin Ortlund with a fresh approach to fighting porn.

How Mark Dever Passes Out Authority
This is so, so good. What a helpful model.