The 4 Most Important Parenting Lessons I Learned in 2014
Megan Miller with a moving and fascinating post about the challenges of raising adopted kids who have been traumatized early in life. She writes: “This October marked two years home with our youngest boys, adopted from Uganda in 2011. The first year was pure survival. We spend most of our days just trying to make it, adjusting to our new normal. This year was different.”

The Internet Makes us All Miserable
A bit overstated, but Stephen Altrogge makes a good point: “In the good old days of jealousy and comparison and coveting, we compared ourselves to those close to us. When someone near to us succeeded, we felt like a failure. But the good old days are gone. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can feel like failures all the time.”

How to Guard Your Heart When Discipling Drug Addicts
Mez writes from painful personal experience.

Apologetics Round-Up
If you’re interested in apologetics, Mike Wittmer’s your man to guide you through some new books on the subject.

Reading the Bible Like Jesus
This could revolutionize your Bible reading and your Christian life.

7 Things We Learned From Pastors’ Kids
Thom Rainer collates responses to a blog post on the subject.

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