An Interview About Ethnic/Race Issues in the Church
This is one of the best interviews on this important subject that I’ve come across.  Leon Brown says: “I am convinced we need each other. God did not save us to be spiritual nomads. Besides saving us for his glory, for love and good deeds, he also saved us to be together. Addressing ethnic/race issues is my small way to highlight the pink elephant in the room, which very few people discuss, but needs to be addressed in order to draw us all closer together. Our intimacy will not result simply by pointing out the issues, however, but by emphasizing the one thing that changes hearts and brings us together – the gospel.”

What’s Beauty Worth to You? (HT: Zach Neilsen)
Christine Jeske talks about the need to seek out, value, and enjoy beauty in our daily lives, even in waffle-makers! On the same subject Carl Truman asked Dr. Diane Langberg, a specialist in abuse counseling, “how she manages to maintain a healthy outlook on life when she is faced every day with dealing with ugliness and depravity.  Among other things, she mentioned filling her life with as much beauty as possible, and mentioned Bach in particular.

Losing Privileges
In the face of the rapid “de-Christianizing” of American, R.C. Sproul Jr. challenges the church to maintain her witness and even rejoice in her pariah status: “It will not be long, I suspect, before those who believe marriage is between one man and one woman will have all the cultural respect as a member of the KKK.  Will the church be telling us to soften on this issue, to not talk about it, so accommodate the broader world for the sake of soul-winning? If so, we will have sold our own soul.  Jesus was rather clear — if we were of the world, the world would love its own. But we have been bought with a price (John 15:19). Pray that we don’t sell our birthright of persecution for the pottage of respectability.”

Trends Among Evangelicals Entering Ministry
Three Christian higher education presidents—Michael Lindsay, Albert Mohler, and Phil Ryken—discuss in this new roundtable video what they observe among the rising generation. Meanwhile, President Mez has other ideas for the coalface.

Holy Love Wins: David Wells on the Story of the Bible and the Meaning of Life
David Wells turns from critic to creator, from deconstructor to reconstructor in his capstone book that shows the church a way forward in the post-modern world.

Tweeting as @DailyKeller, Painting as Tim Clark
Another great interview in the TGC vocations series.