Race Matters
Ed Stetzer reflects on the following statistics:

  • 85% of senior pastors of Protestant churches say that every church should strive for racial diversity.
  • 13% of senior pastors of Protestant churches say they have more than one predominant ethnic group in their congregation.
  • 78% of Americans say every church should strive for racial diversity.
  • 51% of Americans say they would be most comfortable visiting a church where multiple ethnicities are well represented

A Call for Gospel Audacity
On the same theme David Prince calls us to crucify the color line in the church, one pulpit at a time.

A Good Lesson from a 95-Year-Old Warrior
Inspiring story about the faith Mark Altrogge’s 95-year-old father, a World War II veteran.

Brothers, we are not amateurs
Jason Allen: “Few men have shaped the 21st century church more than John Piper, and few of his books have proven more helpful than his Brothers, We are not Professionals. Piper was right. Ministers are not to be professionals, and his call for radical, sacrificial, selfless ministry is spot on. Yet, when it comes to ministerial service, we are not called to be amateurs either.”

God of the Womb
This is a powerful prayer-provoking reflection from Kristen Gilles: “The Lord has closed my womb. He opened it. He filled it. He emptied it. And then he closed it. The Lord has kept me from having children. He enabled me to conceive a son two years ago. Then he took my son to be with him 10 months later. And since then, he has kept me from having children. This reality, rather than disturbing me, actually comforts me.”

7 Do’s and Don’ts Of Welcoming People to Your Congregation
“I have moved twice in the past two years, both times to a new community where I had few connections. As a result, I have visited a number of congregations in search of a new church home. Based on my experiences, I offer this practical list of do’s and don’ts for welcoming guests to your church.”