Four Things a Pastor Should Consider Before Engaging in Social Media
There are probably about a hundred things but here are four of the most important things.

Reflections on How Christians Make Decisions About Counseling
One of Bob Kellemen’s conclusion from recent debates about the effectiveness of biblical counseling: “Some Christians Don’t Seem to Have Much Confidence in One-Another Care and Biblical Counseling.” Here’s my conclusion, with differences in italics: “Most Christians Don’t Seem to Have Much Confidence in One-Another Care and Biblical Counseling As The Only Remedy Exclusive of All The Other Means God has Provided.” A conclusion I’m comfortable with.

5 Reasons You Should Smile More as a Leader
I’m not for Cheshire cats or Joel Osteens in the pulpit, but if I think about the people I’m drawn to, it’s definitely cheerful people.

Reforming Families Conference
Free Conference at the Creation Museum (July 31-August 2)  with speakers including Ken Ham, Al Martin, Jerry Bilkes, and others.

P&R Pastor’s Conference
And another enticing offering her on May 5-7 with Harry Reeder, Ed Welch, Timothy Witmer and Steve Estes.

Car Seat Success Story
Here’s a feel-gooder for you.

  • Bob Kellemen


    A couple of quick thoughts on your summary to my link…

    1. I personally have not used the phrase “debate” in our interactions. I have used “interaction,” “engagement,” and “conversation,” etc.

    2. I did not view these conversations as about the effectiveness of biblical counseling. I viewed them as discussions about the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which I have seen as non-comprehensive and as lacking a robust theological, Christo-centric foundation.

    3. Has anyone said that one-another care and biblical counseling are “the only remedy exclusive of all the other means God has provided”? That certainly has not been said like that by me. In fact, I’ve said the opposite numerous times in these conversations, including in the post you link to…

    I’ve enjoyed our conversations and these opportunities to clarify what is actually being said.