Preparing Your Teens for College
Here’s a book to look out for in a couple of weeks, Alex Chediak’s follow-up to Thriving At College.

What Great Artists Need: Solitude
Pastors too! Persevere with this until later in the article.

Gifts of the Spirit in the Old Testament
This is an excellent article on an important subject.

5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes
Michael Hyatt: “Having learned the hard way, I have gotten better at hiring over time. Whenever I get ready to hire someone new, I now have a defined process. It is designed to avoid these five mistakes:”

Learning to Think Outside the Box
Creativity becomes an academic discipline. (HT: Marc Cortez)

The Discipleship Growth of Jesus
Barry York: “Recognizing the development of Christ can have a profound impact on our own approach to discipleship.  On the one hand, it means we have a Savior who can identify with us in every stage of our development.  He knows what it is like to be a child growing up into adulthood. Thus, whether we are a child, teenager, young adult, or person of maturity, we can be encouraged that Jesus understands the challenges unique to those stages of development.”

Fulness of Joy Helps Healthy Aging
A recent study found that joy keeps people healthier as they age. “Researchers found that people who enjoy life tend to maintain better physical function” and had a greater sense of wellbeing.

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    Gifts of the Spirit in the Old Testament
    Thank you, David, this is really a helpful article.