Preaching Christ from All The Scriptures
Tony Merida gives us four biblical reasons why the preacher should desire to preach Christ from the whole Bible.

Best Island in Europe and 5th Best in the World
Yes, that’s the Island of Lewis where I used to live and pastor. If you want to see some amazing photos and a beautiful video click through and scroll down. If you’re a Scottish exile, get your tartan Kleenex out. And if you’re planning on traveling to Hawaii, you might want to reconsider after watching this.

The Never-Ending Need of Multiplying Leaders
Ed Stetzer with lessons from Moses for the Continual Leadership Crisis in Growing Churches.

Jonathan Edwards on David as a Type of Christ
Nick Natzig plunders Jonathan Edwards to show how David was a type of Christ.

Are Conscientious Christians the New Jim Crow?
Denny Burk with a first class deconstruction of Kirsten Powers’ appalling article in USA today.

31 Days of Purity
Tim Challies and Mike Leake invite us to “thirty-one days of considering what God’s Word says about sexual purity and thirty-one days of praying that God would help us fight sin and pursue holiness in this area.”

How Wolves Change Rivers
The incredibly creative impact of wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

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