God Saves Little Boys
What a blessing to read this moving testimony of God’s grace in the midst of life’s grit.

Loneliness Can Lead to Early Death
Time to visit the seniors in church. Or our parents?

To Sleep, To Dream: Sleep Disorder Breathing and Psychiatric Disorders
Sleep disordered breathing signs and symptoms overlap with mood, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. In some cases they may masquerade as these disorders…Problems such as depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit, a decline in the ability to think, irritability, and difficulty dealing with problems in life all may find their cause in a patient’s inability to breathe normally while sleeping.

Former Planned Parenthood Director Opens “Truly Pro-Women” Health Center
My wife is reading her book Unplanned right now.

Why Is God Smiting Us?
And why aren’t people more worried about this?

Three Benefits of Thinking About Hell
A follow-up to Paul’s post on thinking about heaven.

How It’s Made: Thai Rice Boxes
No, really, it’s much more interesting than you think. It even had my teenage boys captivated!