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Can God Really Be Happy?
“How you think about God will effect how you relate to him. If he’s mainly disappointed, you’ll avoid him because of shame and insecurity. If he’s too busy, you won’t want to bother him. If he’s angry, you’ll stay away because of fear. But what would happen in your life if you knew, truly knew, that God is profoundly happy?”

Our Goal Is Not Diversity, It’s Love
Trevin Wax interviews Trillia Newbell about her important new book, United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity

God Might Call You To Be Ignored
But like Isaiah, the fruit may come long after you’re gone.

The Most Influential Reformer You’ve Never Heard Of
Hannah More. Yes, there were female reformers too.

3 Ways To Recognize Bad Stats
Statistics guru Ed Stetzer unspins the headlines.

Weightlifter Wins Gold On Last Lift In Honor of His Late Wife
This is “powerful” on a number of levels.