The Atonement in the Old Testament
Here’s an article on Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac that I wrote for Ed Stetzer’s blog over at Christianity Today.

The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy
One of America’s largest Christian charities has now opened its doors to hiring practicing homosexuals. Here’s John Piper on the same subject.

How Pastors Can Care for Their Children
The children of pastors face some special challenges and may need some special care.

What it’s Really Like to Name Products for a Living
Fascinating, especially for anyone that’s ever searched for a name for a blog, business, book, etc.

Salvation in A Dementia Ward
This is a HUGE salvation and a wonderful story. Please, please read this amazing story.

How To Fill Your Life With Joy
Matt Chandler: “For me, I want to be very serious about the pursuit of my own joy in Jesus Christ. So I want to flood my life with things that stir my affections for him. Then I want to be very serious about cutting things out of my life that rob me of those affections.”