New Calvinism: A Reformation Worth Perpetuating
I agree with Jason Kellen on this – a reformation to be prayerfully and patiently encouraged (as well as learned from).

Why Is The Church Afraid of Leadership?
Ron Edmondson takes on the idea that “Christian” and “leader” don’t belong in the same sentence.

Have You Ever Had a Pastoral Visit?
Mike Horton: “In an age of celebrity preachers and gifted teachers, the recovery of [pastoral] visitation is a key component of any restoration of office and reformation of the church in our day.

How It’s All Going to End
I love this Sam Storms quote, especially the way he describes common grace and the hope of increasing revival in the church.

6 Things I Wish Someone Had Told My Church
Byron Yawn: “Rather than charge the new pastor, I oriented my comments toward the congregation. In other words: “What I wish someone would have told my congregation when I first began ministry.”

How One Man’s Trip to Toys ‘R’ Us Brought Mobility to Hundreds of Kids