The Love Life of John Knox
Might smash a few caricatures. In his late fifties, Knox married a nineteen-year-old!

Homeschooling and Tolerance
I am sure we can all think of exceptions, but Gene Veith says, “Contrary to the critics who argue that homeschooling makes kids insular and intolerant and that we need public schools to establish social cohesion, a new study has found that college students who had been homeschooled are actually more tolerant of people with different political views than are products of public schools.”

God Meets Busy Moms Right Where They Are
Neat extract from Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full, a new book by Gloria Furman.

Does It Pay To Tell The Truth?
Dr Samantha Boardman: “Research shows that frequent liars have more stress, more headaches, more colds, more back pain, worse insomnia and are more likely to be overweight than those who tell the truth. Lying also damages personal and professional relationships whereas telling the truth boosts the strength of our connections and mental health.”

Advice For A Happy Life
Fascinating article by Charles Murray, author of the upcoming Curmdgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead. Notice the importance he places upon religion. “Find ways to put yourself around people who are profoundly religious. You will encounter individuals whose intelligence, judgment and critical faculties are as impressive as those of your smartest atheist friends—and who also possess a disquieting confidence in an underlying reality behind the many religious dogmas.”

When Should a Pastor Recommend a Psychiatrist?
Great answer from CCEF’s Mike Emlet.