Words for the Anxious Soul
The Psalms help us to avoid two flawed responses to anxiety.

5 More Reasons Why You Should Read Jonathan Edwards
Especially if you’ve tried and given up.

The Four Questions of Christian Education
Anthony Bradley: “If any student graduates from a Christian school, at either the secondary or the university level, and cannot answer the following questions I argue that the school is failing.”

Three-Step Strategy To Study Hard Without Burning Out
By a guy who knows what he’s talking about:

  1. Set concrete studying hours that leave room for rest time.
  2. Switch passive learning tasks to active ones.
  3. Build a comfortable, but distraction-free working environment.

The Affordable Desk That Could Make Standing In The Office Mainstream
$400. But look at the health profit.

Best Shift Ever
I know, I know, yoga is new-agey and all that, but put your yogaphobia aside for a few minutes and just enjoy the beautiful humanity in this positive prank.