Creative Routines
Fascinating infographic showing the power of routine in famous creatives and thinkers.

A Healing Counselee is a Meditating Counselee
Todd Hardin explains the benefits of biblical mediation in counseling.

What a Newborn Can Teach You About Time Management
Can you have a baby and be a Time Management Ninja at the same time?

5 Ways Facebook May Be Harming Your Church
Dr. Michael Kruger: “The technology does not necessarily create sin patterns, but exacerbates the sin patterns that are already present within our hearts, and the hearts of our congregations. In response, we need to do something that we needed to do anyway: give our people a robust and vibrant picture of what the church is and their place in it.  In other words, we need to give them a full-orbed, biblical ecclesiology.”

Preaching Holy War
Excellent brief explanation of holy war in the Old Testament and tips on how to preach it.

Reformation 101
Justin Taylor highlights the opening talk from Steve Nichols’s series of Reformation Profiles, and points to a number of resources on the Reformation.

Gloria Furman on Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full
You can buy Gloria’s book of Gospel meditations here.