Ten Lessons From a Hospital Bed
John Piper: “Recently I spent 30 hours in the hospital. I won’t tantalize you with details, but you can tell by this blog, I’m still alive….Not wanting to waste this experience, I’ve been thinking about lessons learned and benefits received. Maybe, if I list some of them, you will be helped when your own time comes.”

What We Need
Kevin DeYoung encourages us to speak up about sexual immorality, but to do so in a truthful and graceful way.

4 Reasons You Should Always Pay Designers and Developers
I totally agree with Jon Acuff on this.

Best Deal on a Reformed Base Package
Logos Bible Software have put together some decent packages for their reformed users.

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People
It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our success and happiness, not only at work, but in our relationships and all areas of our lives. So what sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have.”

Babies Eating Lemon in Slow Motion
Guaranteed to improve your Emotional Intelligence.