Why study shadows when we have the Son? That’s a question I’m often asked when I’m trying to promote more reading of the Old Testament. The question is usually focused specifically upon typology. Why study the types when we have the anti-type? It’s a valid question and if there is no satisfactory answer then the Old Testament, or large parts of it, are going to continue to gather dust. But I believe there is a satisfactory answer, six answers in fact.

You can read my full answer over at The Christward Collective, but here are the main points:

1. We need and use the types more than we realize

2. The OT type sometimes gives more detail than the antitype.

3. We can learn more from pictures than instructions. 

4. The all-wise God chose to teach through stories, events, and objects that He packed with symbolic meaning.

5. Jesus used Old Testament types to explain His person and work. 

6. God especially blesses teaching and preaching on neglected parts of His Word.