I have a friend who’s been struggling with depression for many months, with none of the usual remedies working for any length of time. He was just bumping along the bottom and I was beginning to really worry about him.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, as the snow finally lifted after one of the fiercest and whitest winters in living memory, he took his family on a short vacation to the Great Lakes where, quite suddenly, the depression lifted.

He was emphatic that it was seeing the green grass again, and the blue sky and water, that did the trick. He said that as he drank in the green and the blue in big mouthfuls and gulps, he could actually feel the depression lifting.

And when he felt a bit down again last week, he took a quick 40-minute drive to Lake Michigan and sucked the therapeutic scenery deep into his soul for an hour.

As this article confirms, the color of happiness is green and blue. So, go get some grass, water, and sky for your body, mind, and soul.

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