Protect Your Church in One Simple Step
Having just told us how to destroy our churches, Tim now tells us how to defend them.

20 Things I Wish I knew As A College Student
So, so good. So, so late. And here’s why you should write rather than type your notes.

18 Principles From Pixar’s Culture
Trevin Wax with a great digest of the lessons he’s learned from the new book, Creativity, Inc.

Representing And Serving Clients With Zeal
If you doubt anyone could be a Christian and a litigation attorney, this might change your mind. Some big quotes in here, such as: “I love and serve my neighbor by doing my job well—which includes being a prizefighter for my clients.”

Why What The NBA Did Was Right And What Mozilla Did Was Wrong
This is a really, really important distinction to master. You’re going to need it.

Abandoned Teen Goes From Homeless To Harvard
Wonderful story.