How I Set Up My Desks: One For Sitting, One For Walking
Fascinating post from Any Naselli. And here’s an eBook on the subject by Matt Perman: How to Set Up Your Desk: A Guide to Fixing a (Surprisingly) Overlooked Productivity Problem.

When Was The Last Time You Made a Thank You Phone Call?
“Most of the time I can tell people are waiting for the catch. They’re waiting for me to move past the pleasantries and speech about gratitude and get into the real reason I’m calling–to ask for something else. But when that something else never comes, I can almost hear the relief in their voices.”

Six Ways Parenting A Difficult Child Can Strengthen Your Marriage
An encouraging brief post.

A Short Commentary on Commentaries
Kevin DeYoung has just finished preaching 60 sermons on Acts (not all on one Sunday). Here are his resulting commentary recommendations.

7 Questions For Discouraged Pastors To Ask Themselves
Paul Tautges: “If you are discouraged in ministry today, perhaps you ought to take a step back from your work and consider the questions below. Hopefully the answers to these questions will spur you to think ahead and aim at long-term results in your ministry.”

Outstanding Musical Performance By 10-year-Old Boy
This should bring happy tears to your eyes.

  • Ryan Higginbottom

    Hi Dr. Murray — Just wanted to let you know that Matt Perman’s ebook is definitely NOT free ($9.99 this morning). Thanks for this roundup!

    • David Murray

      Thanks Ryan. Fixed that.