5 Key Findings About Student Debt
Student debt is the only kind of household debt that continued to rise through the Great Recession, eclipsing credit card debt to become the second largest type of debt owed by American households, after mortgages. According to a new Pew Research report, a record 37% of young households had outstanding student loans in 2010, up from 22% in 2001 and 16% in 1989. The median student debt owed by these young households was $13,000. Here are 5 key findings about young households with student debt.

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Whatever you do, don’t tell Tim Challies.

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If you are anywhere near the Chicago area, this would be a great conference to sign up for. I’ve been before and the teaching and fellowship was excellent.

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I have absolutely no idea how this works but it’s come 30 years too late for me.

  • Kim Shay

    While I appreciate Kristoff’s article, as a Canadian who pays HUGE taxes for my healthcare, it is not “essentially free.” There are many services which are not covered by provincial health care systems. The only difference is the place where we pay. The taxes here are incredibly high. One would think a man of Kristoff’s stature would do his homework a little better.

  • Kara Dedert

    It’s never too late to learn. Sophie and I are going through a fourth grade logic/math book…it’s been humbling :).