The Activity of Sanctification
Paul Helm asks if human activity is involved in sanctification and answers: “Most certainly. Strenuous activity. And is there progress in the life of sanctification? Fitful progress, yes, hesitant and halting, as Calvin puts it. Do we fail?  Is the recognition of such failure a proper Christian response? Most certainly. We might say that it is the natural Christian reaction. But let us not despair because of the slender measure of success.” Mark Jones comments further here.

Tullian And TGC Part Company
Tullian explains.

Predators in the Pew
Good advice on the attitudes and actions required to prevent child abuse in the church. And here’s further tips from Boz Tchividjian.

How To Talk When We Talk About God
Aaron Armstrong asks what’s wrong about referring to God as “she?” And here’s Owen Strachan on the same subject: Is Rachel Held Evans use of “God Herself” biblically faithful?

Pastor + Scholar = Preacher
Phil Ryken challenges pastors to follow John Calvin’s example in developing both preaching and teaching gifts.

The End In The Beginning
A thick and juicy biblical-theological catechism on Genesis to get your teeth into.

Solar Roadways
What a great idea for Michigan roads. I love the clever creativity of this.