Blue Collar Man
Author Ted Kluck writes about financial struggle and the new challenge of having to do hard physical work for a living.

Dinesh D’Souza Might Be Going To Jail
How should conservatives respond to the news that an anti-Obama film-maker has admitted jail-worthy criminal conduct in financing a political campaign? Rod Dreher says we should support any verdict and sentence even if the law has been selectively applied.

Preaching Proverbs 6 – Getting Started
Dan Phillips gives us a valuable peek behind-the-scenes at his sermon preparation, especially at how he uses Bibleworks.

Research To Lose Sleep Over
A Harvard student’s research reveals that sleeping more might improve your B+ to an A-.

If Newspapers And Magazines Think Life Is Tough Now…
Fascinating article and graphic. Here’s what media the different generations would miss most. TV is dead, long live the smartphone!

Why Libraries Matter
A day in the life of New York libraries (if you can tolerate the 30 sec commercial at the beginning).