The Worst Places In The World To Be Religious
Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Kora, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan.

The (Mostly Sad) State of Christian College Education
Yep, pretty depressing. “Perhaps it is time that the church step back and rethink the whole notion of Christian education. Is our goal to have our children graduate from college prepared to make a nice middle class household income while at the same time keeping their virginity intact and their Republican voter registration in good standing? Or is it instruct our children for a life of ministry in a hostile world where they may very well have to choose between comfort and truth, between acceptance and affluence or poverty and faithfulness.”

The Washington Post Is Super Confused About Where Babies Come From
The Federalist has fast become a daily must-read. Quality research and writing from a conservative and often Christian viewpoint.

The Real Proverbs 31 Mom
David Prince: “She was a new member of the church and asked me how she could get more involved. I mentioned several things including women’s ministry and when I did her countenance changed and she said, “I just cannot take another Proverbs 31 study!”

8 Tips For Getting Anything Done And Homeschooling
How does a homeschooling mother of eight get anything done? Here are some tips.

Paralyzed Bride Walks The Aisle