What Are We Teaching Our Daughters?
Rebecca Vandoodewaard: “A woman who is skilled in every domestic art is of little Kingdom use unless she also thinks biblically, discerns wisely, understands the times, and can serve her family and church with these vital gifts as best she can.”

Under The Hood Of Sermon Making
That’s not the title Dan gave it, but it’s exactly what he allows us see as he explains the reasoning process behind the multitude of decisions that have to be made when preparing a sermon.

There’s Sin And There Are “Sins”
Are only some sins “going-to-hell” sins? ON the same subject, here’s Nick Batzig on how God works even our sins together for the believer’s good.

Five Benefits of Corporate Worship
Here are five such “graces and benefits” that we experience uniquely in the context of corporate worship.

On Controversy
John Newton’s letter to a minister who was about to enter into controversy with another minister.

Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World