Five Questions For Christians Who Support Gay Marriage
Yes, there are such, and here’s what you should be asking them. I would add, “Are you sure you are a Christian?”

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Why I Am No Longer A Church Planter
You don’t get many posts on the web as honest and humble as this. On the same topic, here’s Lessons Learned From A 5-Year-Old Church Plant.

When Callings Clash
Melissa Kruger explores the biblical idea of submission: “What are we to do when our obedience to God or the betterment of his people collides with the call to submit to our husbands, churches, or governments? Two biblical principles can guide us as we seek to honor God in our submission.”

Baptism: What’s On My Bookshelf
Here’s an excellent list of books covering both perspectives on baptism.

No Book Like The Bible
Full of anticipation for this series of videos.